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Did you know that...

… the Conseil can never quash or amend a decision issued by an administrative judge?

How to file a complaint?

Before filing a complaint you should determine whether your complaint concerns the decision that was rendered or the conduct of an administrative law judge. In that connection we invite you to refer to the section Jurisdiction of the Conseil.

There is no need to fill out a form to file a complaint, but it must be in writing and state the facts for which the member or commissioner is being blamed. The complainant must provide the following information :

  • Name, address and telephone number;
  • Name of the administrative judge affected by the complaint;
  • Name of the tribunal concerned and file number;
  • Date on which the facts reproved occurred;
  • A statement of the facts reproved and reasons for the complaint.

The complaint must be forwarded to the administrative office of the :

Conseil de la justice administrative
575, rue Jacques-Parizeau, bureau 4.30
Québec (Québec) G1R 2G4

Telephone : 418 644-6279
Toll free : 1 888 848-2581
Fax : 418 528-8471
E-mail : plaintes@cja.gouv.qc.ca

The Conseil's team will be more than happy to assist you filling your complaint, especially by providing you with the necessary information and relevant documentation.