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A Watchful Eye on the ethics of administrative justice

The Conseil de la justice adminsitrative investigates the behavior of members of administrative tribunals under its jurisdiction.

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Any person can file a complaint to the Conseil de la justice administrative for a breach of the rules of ethics by any administrative law judge under the jurisdiction of the Conseil.

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Calendars of the Conseil activities

Sittings of the Conseil and hearings of its committees of inquiry are public, subject to an order to the contrary.

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Organizations subjected

  • Tribunal administratif du Québec;
  • Tribunal administratif du Travail;
  • Tribunal administratif des marchés financiers;
  • Tribunal administratif du logement;
  • Bureau des présidents des conseils de discipline des ordres professionnels.
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Limitations to the powers of the Conseil de la justice administrative

The Conseil de la justice administrative cannot under any circumstance rescind or amend a decision rendered by the adminsitrative judge.

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